The IR extender and the IR repeater

IR Extender258Well it is the key to the modern homes and the wand to operate all audio video devices at home. In today’s digitalis ed lifestyle, a universal remote control is capable of controlling all your equipment’s at home. Now back to the concept of IR extender, it is nothing but simply a device which effectively increases the range of infrared signal. In other words the IR extender is something that enables you to get the convertor out of sight while still has the control through your remote by aiming it at a completely separate sensor. They are mostly of two broad categories depending upon the mode they use for increasing the range. The IR extender could be using the physical cable or the radio frequency to increase the signal strength.

Understanding the mode of extenders

If you are using the physical cable for the signal extension then you will be having a physical cable connecting an IR transmitter to the receiver. In the radio frequency transmitter, the IR remote receiver is coupled with the radio frequency transmitter. The IR transmitter is connected with the RF receiver through radio waves. The catch is that in both the types of IR extender you will be having IR extender operating by changing the pulsed light signal into any other form of signal.

The most common and popular form of IR extender is the radio frequency type as it allows more mobility and higher degree of freedom. The IR extender or the IR repeaters brings you the power of controlling your audio video equipment’s through remote even when the equipment controls are kept behind cabinet doors.

Inside a IR extender

The IR remote extender or the IR remote repeater comes with a small radio frequency transmitter and a battery. Then the radio frequency is send to the receiver that is somewhere placed near the equipment we wish to control. Making use of the IR blasters the receiver then controls the IR equipment without facing the line-of-sight issues.

Benefits of the IR extender and the IR repeater

With the demand of higher control and flexibility, the IR extenders gained popularity. The common issue that we face with traditional remote controls is line of sight issue. Once we have the IR extender or the IR repeater, we can control our audio and video devices from greater distance and through any cabinets.

There are also the wired control in which the controller are linked to the receiver through wires. This system is also highly efficient as the high grade cable make the action time very fast.

Just imagine you got a home theater with its control kept in some cabinet. With the IR repeater or the IR extender you could be controlling the home theater system without facing the issue the line of sight. It is the device to upgrade your digital lifestyle.


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