Going for an IR extender – Why to go for it?

Infrarot-VerlängerungFor easy understanding it is something that helps you to operate the A/V devices and equipment though wireless transmissions surpassing blockages like cabinet doors. Even if the cabinet door is shut or is out of sight, still the IR extender makes it possible for you to operate your audio or video devices from a distance.

What the IR repeater does?

The IR repeater picks up the infrared light coming from the remote controller and then converts that IR signal into electrical signal which could be easily distributed over the electrical circuit to one or many IR remote controlled sections.  Among the IR repeater components, there are target, connection blocks and emitters. The target is the IR receiver, which receives the modulated IR light coming from the remote, converts them to the electrical impulses and forward it to connection blocks and circuits. In the connection board, there is emitter, power supply and the receiver are wired together without or with any terminal strip. The emitter takes the converted electrical signal and turns it back into modulated infrared band light signal.

The potential problems with the system

The problem arises when the system loses its transparency or faces difficulty in the conversion of the electrical signals or problem in distribution of signals.

Understanding the first problem, the power issue. The power issue arise when the number of targets or emitters get limited. Apart from them the gauges and cable lengths can also be a crucial factor, as with increasing length, the power loss increases.

Next is the duplicate IR codes. When a device manufacturer inadvertently uses the IR code used by any other manufacturer then you will be facing this problem. If two device are using the same function code then they both will be receiving the signal and performing the function. The hypersensitive equipment occurs when the emitter over powers the equipment’s IR sensor. In satellite and cable TV boxes the low power emitters often get overpowered or overloaded by high power emitters.

The IR extender is used to operate the audio and video equipment in ay controlled multimedia cabinet with any remote control. These IR extenders work with every audio and video devices let it be beamer, sat, DVD etc. The IR extender connects the A/V devices and helps in managing them even when the cabinet door is shut or it may be out of sight. Generally the IR extenders work on low power batteries like 9V or can even be run by main supply with the help of adapter.

Using the IR repeater

The IR repeater extends the limit of your remote control and helps in controlling your audio video devices. You can place the repeater next to or under the multimedia cabinet or at any place in remote control view.

Equip your audio and video devices with the IR extender or the IR repeater and have a better controlling of them. Now you’re DVD, SAT or any other device will be following your command through the remote controller.

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