What is Infrared Extender/ Repeater ( IR Extender/ IR Repeater ) ?

IR extenderThe Remote Control Infrared extender aka Infrared Extender ( IR Extender/ IR Repeater ) is a very useful audio video accessory which improves the remote control signal of your electronic equipment Basically, it improves and amplifies the signal of your remote control without having to be close to the device.

Under normal circumstances, a remote control requires you to be within a certain distance ( usually around 3 – 5 meters ) from the device in order to have the control signal transmitted successfully.  Many remote control users face the problem of short transmission distance or insensitive remote control.  With the aid of Remote Control IR Extender, the transmission of IR signal of remote control signal increases sharply.

Two of its functions

  1.  If your have a Home theater system and your DVD players, set top box are placed inside a concealed cabinet.  Most likely your remote control doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with the devices. Reason being the signal is being blocked by the cabinet. By using the IR Extender, it amplifies the remote control signal and ensure your devices in the cabinet receive a clearer signal regardless of any possible obstruction of signals.
  1. Remote Control IR extender enables long range remote control or activate any device in your premises possible.  This is extremely hassle-free if you are watching your DVD in your room when the DVD player is located in a different room or hall.  With this remote extender, you can perform the same control over the device anywhere in your home. Meaning having to enjoy One DVD player in different rooms. Huge savings isn’t it?

Features of IR Extenders

Usually there are 4 components for an IR Extender namely IR Emitter, IR Receiver, IR Transceiver and DC power.

IR Receiver –  It is placed where it has an unobstructed line of sight between it and your remote control.  It receives commands from your remote control and pass on to the IR Emitter.

IR Emitter – An adhesive small chip which sticks to the Infra red point on your Set Top Box. It communicates between the IR Receiver and your electronics devices

Some IR Extender comes with a few emitters for the purpose of amplifying the infrared signal of several electronics devices.   Commonly comes in one, two, four or eight emitters to suit your requirements.

IR Transmitter is usually used when many receivers or emitters are required by the user. All IR Receivers & Emitters will be connected to this IR Transceiver which receive and send out signals.

A quality IR Extender can drive up to 24 Emitters effectively such as our model BD324

DC Power – IR Extender/ IR Repeater requires DC power

DC5V power can be drawn by using USB 5V adapter or by connecting the USB cable to your electronic device ( if the devices have USB Port ).

Alternatively, DC12V power adapter is used.

IR extender can be set up easily and upon completion, you will be able to enjoy your program without having the frustration of insensitive remote control. Check out the models at http://www.ir-extender.net or our you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpZgWDztcsO-RJM9iMFEzhg

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